Saturday, 13 August 2016

What's New On The European CCKW Photo Blog In The Last 4 Months ?

Recent additions/amendments to the Blog are as follows:

24 Oct 17 -  Updated truck no: 0059. 

As well as the links down the right hand side and the links at the bottom of each page (20 vehicles per page), you can also start pretty much right at the beginning if you want with No: 1 and work your way forward should you so wish.

CCKW 352- AM39402 - Cargo

No: 0171
Registration No: AM39402
Type: CCKW 352
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo
Stencil: 477721-S
Fitting: -

Photo By: Jens Nielsen
Date Of Photo: Aug 2016
Owner:  Jens Nielsen
Country Of Residence: Denmark
Comment:  Early brake system.  Advertised on Milweb in Aug 2016.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

CCKW 352 - Cargo

No: 0170

Registration No:   Not registered
Type: CCKW 352
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo
Stencil: USN 4144490-S
Fitting: -

Owned By: Andre Nicolini
Photo By:  Andre Nicolini
Date Of Photo: Aug 2016
Location:  Bavaria
Country Of Residence: Germany.
Comment:  Vehicle undergoing restoration.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

CCKW 353 - BE4094 - Cargo

No: 0169

EU_Blog_No_0169___Reg-BE4094___Pic1Registration No: BE4094
Type: CCKW 353
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo

Stencil: USA 2171295-S
Fitting: -
Photo By:  Daniël de Vries
Date Of Photo: 5 May 2016
Location:  Apeldoorn, Guelders
Country Of Residence: Netherlands.

Monday, 1 August 2016

CCKW 352 - KFE794 - Cargo

No: 0168

Registration No: KFE794
Type: CCKW 352
Cab: Open
Type: Cargo

Stencil: USA 43181295
Fitting: Winch + Pioneer Rack

Photo By: Philippe Vermaut 
Date Of Photo: Jul 2016
Country Of Residence: Germany
Comment: Advertised on Milweb with the following statement:  "1942 GMC CCKW352 in perfect condition. All new brakes fully serviced older restoration. Bodywork completely sandblasted, metallised, 2K paint. Runs & drive anywhere split axles winch. Wooden steering wheel. Belgian documents."