Saturday 30 May 2020

CCKW 353 - CUR825 - Quickway

No: 0172

Registration No: CUR825
Type: CCKW 353
Cab: Open
Type: Quickway J Crane
Stencil: 0014251-S
Fitting: Winch
Photo By: Jens Nielsen
Date Of Photo: May 2020.
Owner: Anders Olofsson
Comment:  Advertised on Milweb in May 2020 with the following comment: "This is probably the only remaining GMC with Quickway J in working condition complete with all excavation equipment common excavator.  Height excavation.  Crane and piling equipment.  Everything with the Quickway marking left on.  Works and drives well both truck and crane.  Also book with instructions how to assemble these units.  Price € 18,000"

Country Of Residence: Sweden

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